Communication supports for successful Sales & Marketing

Being part of any essential marketing strategy, the selection criteria will determine nature, however, let’s focus on the supports that will be needed.  In any way, we are not talking about an over-equipped stand, the over-equipment of which may turn out to be counterproductive in the end while being, moreover, a significant source of costs. 

Support for bringing visitors

You have to put yourself in the shoes of the visitor going to a trade show. The visitor may normally have difficulty in orienting himself. However, there are two kinds of visitors:  visitors who prepare their visit and the visitors who come a bit “with his nose in the wind”, to see and without a preconceived idea of what they want to see.

Invitation cards and brochures at the entrance

It is in the interest of this company to ensure that it has all the invitation cards that it needs to invite its prospects and customers to come and meet its representatives on its stand. This size of greeting cards come in handy and can be printed online with a low-cost bearing.

The support above the aisles

Is this enough to help only expected visitors to find their way to the right stand? Certainly Not, it’s good if we can also add a sign so that we can at least see upon entering the exhibition hall where the stand was installed. It is not always easy to identify a booth in an aisle at a trade show and it may also be possible that you walk around the neighborhood in which it is located three or four times before arriving there. This is why it is important to mark the entrance with the support of Graphic Prints made for that.

How to design and organize communication

The visitor has arrived at the stand! Everything has been going well so far with the help of Graphic Prints and the support implemented has oriented it well. It remains to retain and convince visitors to know a little more about the products or services that are intended for them. For this, we need two types of media.

And the spots?

The last step should not be missed with the exit of visitors from the stand. It is not conceivable that he leaves without a “memory”. But, we must also take into account that he must go to other stands or coming from some other stand.

Flyers, Leaflets, Brochures.

This is the basic set. The flyer provides quick or targeted information. The flyer is a bit more self-explanatory and can be luxurious. The brochure which, par excellence promotes the brand and highlight as well. 

Business cards

Needless to say, business cards by Graphic Prints are an essential part of any business contact. It is not conceivable to run out of it or to have it with a poor appearance. They must be related to the “standing” of the company and the function that one occupies there.

How to get the prospect back

We can still influence them to come back. Really? But yes! It suffices to give them, for example, at the time of their visit a coupon for participation in a competition. Here the success is almost guaranteed. Let’s not forget that a lot of visitors are present from the beginning to the end of the show. So being able to come back to a stand that is ultimately very “friendly” is something remarkable.

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