PVC cut letter: practical and original advertising medium to stand out

The PVC cut letter printing is a real way to retain or attract customers. Made of PVC, this has several features including it is more original than a classic printing. It offers more resistance and it lasts longer. On our online printing site, you will find printing in white PVC, translucent transparent PVC or opaque transparent PVC.

 To enhance quality, GraphicPrints company provides you with several possible finishes:

As you can see, there are multiple printing options for the PVC cut letter. Discover our entire range of fully customizable cut letter printing.

PVC Cut letter printing services are available in various cities of Canada including Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga.


1.PVC – Expanded PVC (Forex)

Expanded PVC is intermediate support between Akilux and Dibond. It is a homogeneous material and the best value for our money. It is lighter and cheaper than Dibond, more resistant than Akilux, and it offers very good print quality. It is the best compromise, ideal for temporary or durable signage, and for indoor and outdoor signage. It has advantageous rendering, rot-proof (resistant to water and humidity), long lifespan.

Print products similar to PVC:

2.Akilux – Cellular Polypropylene 

Akilux is plastic support (Polypropylene), it is honeycomb support (it is not full), so it is light and relatively flexible. It is a perfect medium for communicating around one-off or temporary outdoor events. It is used, for example, for real estate sales or rentals, site signs, temporary signage, parties, events, etc. As it is not 100% opaque, the rendering of the print is intended rather for a large format visible from a distance. Its price weight, rot-proof (resistant to water and humidity) are advantageous but have disadvantages with rendering, semi-rigid, moderate lifespan. When compared, PVC is definitely the better deal.

 3.Dibond – Aluminum Composite

Dibond is a composite aluminum panel, that is, it is a sandwich panel whose core is made of a dense and resistant plastic sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum, they – even covered with a white film intended for printing. It is possible to “laminate” the Dibond (application of a glossy protective film) to increase its lifespan and enhance the shine. It is a high-end material; it offers excellent printing results and has a very good lifespan. It is used in durable exterior signage (signs, professional plaques, etc.) or in interior decoration. Its cons are weight, the price which is quite the opposite with PVCs.

 4.White Cardboard – Micro- Corrugation

Cardboard is the rigid medium that offers the best printing results, why? Quite simply because it is covered with a surface of satin white paper which allows you to benefit from irreproachable print quality. On the other hand, cardboard is reserved for indoor use because it cannot withstand humidity. Therefore, opting for PVC cut letters seems like a splendid idea even after comparison.

Are you opening your store or want to revamp your facade? Use exterior signage with superb depth effects to attract the attention of pedestrians and motorists.  To do this, the online printing company GraphicPrints is now offering you  PVC cut letters with printing is available in Markham, Oakville, Etobicoke, Markham cities, which will be ideal for all types of companies: restaurant, bar, ready-to-wear store, hairdresser, professional practice. , home services company.

Lettering with a cut is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Strong, light, resistant to UVs, and bad weather, but above all waterproof, this made-to-measure lettering will also be perfect as interior signage to decorate a wall. We recommend it as decorative support to personalize your business premises and give them a new lease of life: meeting room, coworking space, break room, etc. Nothing like raised letters to attract the attention of customers and give dynamism, even conviviality.

PVC cut letter print will quickly increase the attractiveness of your business thanks to the combination of relief and custom printing. This will allow you to create a double effect. To do this, first, choose the thickness of your creation. Then, we will print your visual in the colors of your graphic charter directly on the letters and shapes that you have previously established. And there you have it. Your signage will immediately set you apart from the competition!

Reach out to GraphicPrints for long lasting and efficient PVC Cut letter printing if you need and are based out of Oshawa, Pickering, Whitby, King City, or neighboring cities.

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