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How do you go about creating an effective design? We’ve asked ourselves this question before in the DNA of a design. We know that there is no magic formula, no recipe, or no guru that can guarantee the success of a design. The only solution is to go through all the necessary steps to carefully design your project. The sign supports are multiple. Whether you need to make a sign for your store, an advertising panel,a banner, a vinyl, or adhesives to mark your windows or car or truck, GraphicPrint will offer you a solution, with the support and creation adapted to your advertising communication. Among the sign supports offered, some are intended for indoor spaces and others have characteristics to withstand bad weather, which makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Let’s dive right into the heart of the matter!

1.Inspiring design

After the brief allows us to acquire a more in-depth knowledge of the company, its identity, its values, its strengths, the advantages of its products or services, and the target to which it addresses. Also “appreciate” the customer’s tastes, by asking them which sign prints they like the most or what their idea is, or what colors and graphic elements they have. ‘He wishes to find there. It may sound outdated to an amateur, but drawing on paper with a pen stimulates the creative flow, a freedom that no other graphic design tool can offer. Draw whatever comes to mind, don’t stop at the first draft, and don’t dismiss any ideas. The design stage must indeed remain distinct from the selection stage. If you prefer to skip the paper step, then you can draw directly on a graphics tablet. Once your sign outline is finished, you need to digitize it.


Roll- up banners is an easily transportable communication medium since the material is flexible and light. The price is low. The assembly and disassembly are quick. It is therefore easy to put the banner on a stand. The material is resistant to hot or cold temperatures which makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

3-The lighter, the better

Coroplast signs printing are made of the sizes are variable, but you have to think about adapting your message according to the space available on the coroplast: the expert look of the professional on this question will be essential, otherwise you will take the risk of having an illegible message. There are different possibilities for making signs. There could be an adhesive on the backing, the sign, etc.

4- Embrace the entrance

Like any commercial operation, the creation of a reception sign printing must be part of a global strategy. Before anything else, you will therefore need to define your current needs and determine how your reception sign will best meet those needs.

5-Let it fly around

Is it about celebrating the opening of your store? To promote a new product? Talk about an event you are organizing? Your flyer should respond to a current issue for your business, and follow a concrete objective. Without it, there is a good chance that you will waste time and money on some fruitless communication action. Depending on how you send your flyer and the intended target, adapt its visual and the information offered accordingly.

6-Car Wraps and truck sign printing

How do you create a design for your car wrap that will be seen and understood in seconds? Here are the golden rules to follow to create effective printing– be clear about your story: In the event that your sign when your vehicle is at the freeway, you need to create a design from a story to have a chance to grab the attention of speeding motorists. Use your key message to create your story. For example:

  • *CompanyName* provides a solution to *a problem* they encounter.
  • “Your brand is synonymous with joy and pleasure. “
  • “Your fried chicken will fill them up all the way beyond Canadian soil!”

Start with your key design and message to be printed with Car wraps and Truck sign and give it meaning: it can provide a solution to a problem, provoke an emotion, satisfy a need (even if they didn’t recognize it before seeing your sign), etc.

7-Sign refacing services

On average, a driver has between 5 and 10 seconds to see your sign, read the text, and understand your message. And depending on traffic conditions, the driver may alternate between looking at your sign and looking at the road, all within 5 to 10 seconds. That is, it spends even less time on your panel. It is therefore essential that your message be short. Try to stay at the bottom of 7 words at most. 

  • See it Bigger: considering the size of the ad you are about to put up, now is not the time to curb your instincts! Texts should be printed in large and bold, in a clear font. The larger the font, the easier it will be for drivers to read your message. 
  • Dare to color: Use bright colors or a striking image to draw the eye to your sign. You can also create a contrast of colors in your design so that your message strikes, even more, the spirits. On the other hand, the background must be simple so that the image in the foreground stands out as much as possible.
  • Choose the right location: If you are still looking for a good story for your sign refacing, think about where it will be implemented and use the immediate surroundings to create an impactful post.

8-Light it up

To grab the attention of customers, we recommend that you stand out from the rest of the businesses around you. It’s about simplicity and readability. Suitable colors for your lightbox signs: We do not recommend the use of light colors on a white background because this can create readability problems, especially during the day. The same goes for red, blue, and purple on a black background. Also, we recommend

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