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Ways to combine print and digital for successful marketing

With the dizzying evolution of digital marketing, opinions are rather controversial on the death or not of print marketing. Between digital and print marketing, which one to choose?

We must first know and then face the facts that print marketing is still necessary and will be for a long time to come. As for the question of the choice to be made, GraphicPrints join the ranks of brands that offer companies to adopt both: that is to say both a digital marketing strategy and a print one. So how do you manage to combine the two effectively?

1. Consistency

In marketing, consistency is the key. This is why, before even considering one or the other print or web tactic, it is essential to have a strong brand identity. From logo to in-store displays, from brochures to the Facebook page, from Posters to Flyers, everything must reflect the same brand identity. This involves rigorous graphics print with clear and recognizable colors, typographies, styles, and messages.

2. Develop a balanced multichannel strategy

Customers interact with dozens of media daily. Your objective is to multiply the meeting points. Planning for consistent multichannel communication campaigns will allow you to reach more people. A strong multichannel presence implies cross-pollination. For this, it is about bouncing from one medium to another, using the best of both worlds. 

3. Use incentives to drive print to digital traffic

Going from print to digital or vice versa will be all the easier when you have created the necessary bridges. This is called in the marketing jargon of CTA (call to action). The absolute minimum is to add on all your printed materials – brochures, invoices, invitations – social media icons where you can find online as well as a link to your website.

4. Generate and value online comments

Events are important moments in the life of traditional businesses. Here too you can bridge the gap between real and virtual. Plan mini-flyers to encourage your visitors to follow you on social networks and leave a comment. Encourage your customers to leave a comment on social media. 

5. Analyze your multimedia actions

By using tracking URLs, you will be able to determine what traffic to your website is coming from which campaign through graphic prints marketing. Hide these tracking URLs in QR codes or custom URLs, and you will be able to extract valuable information. Conversely, if you offer specific discounts to your online customers, in parallel with other in-store actions (through brochures, posters, flyers, etc.), make sure you collect all the useful information and can determine precisely where it comes from. 

In conclusion

To sustainably develop your business and your brand, you can no longer focus your marketing efforts on non-convergent tactics, either print or digital. The combination of the two is much more effective because it allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. With digital marketing strategies for graphics printing companies, one can make lasting contact and personalized touch in the real world; easy and regular data collection and engagement in the virtual world.

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